Me Made May 2021

I’ve not taken part in me made May since before I was pregnant with my first baby…. she’ll be 4 this year. Since I last tried it, my lifestyle and body have changed massively. I’ve struggled to find what clothes I like the fit and feel of on my post partum body. Consequently I’ve found myself wearing the same RTW clothes over and over again. All a bit dull. Since my second baby was born last year I’ve rediscovered my love of dressmaking. I have made myself and the girls lots of clothes recently and Me Made May seemed like a great opportunity to encourage myself to wear what I’ve made.

I’ve learned a lot throughout May and have a good idea now of what I do and don’t like to wear. I like sewing dresses but realistically I don’t actually wear them often. Separates are much more practical for me running around after 2 little people, especially while I’m still breastfeeding one of them. I wear my Helens Closet Avery leggings almost daily for exercising so could probably do with a couple more pairs of them.

I’d love a well fitted and sewn jacket so that might be next on my sewing list, I’ve already earmarked some fabric and a pattern that might work. As I’m about to head back to work I’d quite like some me made work pieces.

I’ve also realised that I really try to get the most out of my fabric and tend to cut as many things out of the same fabric at one time. This means that some of my makes are all in the same fabric. I quite like this, something about maximising the length of fabric I have is very satisfying. I try not to throw anything away which means I have some tiny scraps in my stash. I really need to figure out some scrap busting projects to use them up.

Looking at the fit of a lot of my makes, I need to start doing a full bust adjustment. I’ve always been a bit timid about altering patterns but I think now I’m ready to take the time to get things to fit well.

Taking your own photo every day and seeing them all side by side is a great way to scrutinize the fit of everything. It also helps show trends in the colours/go to pieces. I definitely seem to have a thing for blues/greens/greys. I need to keep this in mind when buying fabric. I have a few unused fabrics that looked brilliant on the fabric store website but getting them home I realise they really don’t suit me or my style. Maybe it’s time to destash 🤔

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